Being educated is your first line of defense when it comes to your own breast health. Regular self exams and mammograms for women over the age of 40 can help detect and identify breast cancer in its earliest stages, giving you more options for treatment and a better chance for a successful and smooth recovery.

At Breast Cancer Surgeons of Texas, we are committed to educating and empowering our patients to be advocates of their own breast health. In this section you will find information about breast cancer and other breast concerns, as well as a comprehensive list of resources and support organizations that are available online.

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There are several types of breast cancer:

  • Noninvasive breast cancer – Cancerous cells are located in a specific area of the breast, and have not yet spread to surrounding tissue, lobules or ducts.
  • Invasive breast cancer – Cancerous cells have broken through normal breast tissue and have spread to other parts of the body through the bloodstream and lymph nodes.
  • Ductal Carcinoma – Cancer begins in the milk ducts. This is the most common type of breast cancer.
  • Lobular Carcinoma – Cancer which begins in the lobules.
  • Inflammatory Breast Cancer – Cancer begins in the soft tissue of the breast and causes the lymph vessels in the skin of the breast to become blocked.
  • Metastatic Breast Cancer – Metastatic cancer indicates the cancer cells have spread to other parts of the body.
  • Papillary Carcinoma – Cancer cells are arranged in finger like projections.
  • Triple-negative Breast Cancer – Cancer cells do not contain receptors for estrogen, progesterone, or HER2.


We provide a wide range of services from screenings and genetic testings, to in office procedures and hospital-based surgeries. Additionally, we continue to provide follow-up care for our surgical patients up to five years after having surgery as we believe in the highest level of care.

  • Consultation
  • Diagnosis
  • Clinical Exams
  • Imaging*
  • Surgery
  • Follow Up Care**


*Imaging (eg; mammogram, sonogram) are not done in office. Referrals only.
**We provide follow up care only for our own post surgery patients.

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