I would highly recommend her!

Dr. McGlothin is a wonderful physician and I would highly recommend her. She is very compassionate, cheerful, and easy to talk to. She’s also clearly confident in her knowledge and skills. Truly the best of both worlds.

She referred me to a wonderful facility with a fantastic radiologist (Dr. Michele Miles) for re-testing. I live in a small town and my local results were questionable. Fortunately, I did not need her surgical services and everything was fine.

Dr. McGlothin still called me directly to follow-up about the results that Dr. Miles had also personally discussed with me after my re-testing. I thought that personal touch from both physicians was refreshing and reassuring.

In the event I ever need a breast surgeon in the future, I wouldn’t think twice about asking Dr. McGlothin to do it.

Erica Atkinson


Wonderful surgeon and awesome staff!!!!

Katrena Holmes

Zest for life!

Blessings in the midst of adversity. An alert radiologist who discovered a problem on a mammogram. A good friend who’d been there before me and talked me through the process step-by-step. A woman surgeon who specializes in breast cancer surgery who removed the invasive cancer. Caught early and no chemo needed. Thanks to Michelle Miles, radiologist, for your alertness. Thanks to Thuy Le, oncologist for your good news. And special thanks to Dr. Terre McGlothin, for your compassion, your professionalism, and your zest for life! A college sprinter, helping to run the race against cancer.

Margaret Arenas

I would definitely recommend her!

Dr. McGlothin is an excellent doctor. She’s kind, compassionate and extremely intelligent and knowledgeable in her craft. I would definitely recommend her to anyone facing this terrifying battle known as breast cancer.

Tamiko Davidson

She is amazing!

Recently had a surgery done by her. And in all honesty she is amazing! She made me feel at ease! It has been my first surgery ever and it went smoothly! Also in in my 20s and she made it easy for me to connect with her, her personality was sweet and positive! Which is huge when you are going into breast surgery. Highly recommend her!

Deborah Parada

Dr Terre Mcglothin is an incredible human being!

Dr Terre Mcglothin is an incredible human being and their staff were super friendly. My wife had test which the radiologists scared us to death. We have contacted Dr Terry’s office and mentioned our concern, guess what they got us in right away and Dr Terry with her years of experience cleared our fears and got us to normal. She is really best Doctor and also wonderful human being. I definitely recommend her. They are best, quick and very patient friendly.

Sunil Gosai

Love, love loved her!

I went into Dr. Mcglothin’s office tired, sick, and worn down I knew that I was sent there and that I was not at that step yet to need her services. But she took me in and talk to me with such kindness, and she examined me anyway and directed me to the right step and the right people. She taught me something yesterday. I had therapy yesterday (I wish she had a couch πŸ™‚ ) I pray that I don’t have to have surgery but if I do and I get to see her again it will be a blessing as she truly blessed my heart yesterday. Love, love loved her. If you ever have to receive the service she provides I recommend her she is so patient, caring and kind.

Katina Alexander

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