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3D Mammography

Recently, you may have been hearing more about a new form of screening mammography called “3D mammography” or “breast tomosynthesis”.  Of course anything that is new has got to be better right?  Well, let’s examine a few facts about breast tomosynthesis , a term used interchangeably with 3D mammography.  Rather than taking two images of the breast […]

Canadian National Breast Screening Study

Wow, I just reviewed the recently published 25 year update form the Canadian National breast Screening Study, which compared screening mammography in women 40-59 to women in the same age group who received physical exam alone annually from their primary care givers.  The study was initiated in 1980, and they have been carefully following this […]

Don’t Leave the Light On For Us

Leaving the a light in the hall on during the night? How about falling asleep with the television or computer screen glaring across the room?  If you’re a breast cancer survivor on Tamoxifen, you might want to rethink some of these old habits. Melatonin is a hormone our bodies naturally produce that promotes sleeping, and […]

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