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Day in the Life of a Breast Cancer Surgeon

In this video, I had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Terre McGlothin, a board certified Breast Cancer Surgeon about life as a breast cancer surgeon, what a typical day for her is, why she went into the field and tips for all! Dr. Terre Quinn McGlothin is a native of St. Louis, MO. She attended [...]

ON Magazine Features 21 Questions with Dr. McGlothin

How would you describe your life in three words? God blessed me Where did you complete your training? Meharry Medical College Nashville , TN General Surgery, University of Louisville Dept of Surgery Louisville, KY Breast Surgical Oncology, Baylor Univ Medical Center Dallas, TX If you weren’t a doctor, what would you be? An actress or […]

3D Mammography

Recently, you may have been hearing more about a new form of screening mammography called “3D mammography” or “breast tomosynthesis”.  Of course anything that is new has got to be better right?  Well, let’s examine a few facts about breast tomosynthesis , a term used interchangeably with 3D mammography.  Rather than taking two images of the breast […]

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

Meet Dr. Terre McGlothin

At Breast Cancer Surgeons of Texas, we take a team approach to patient care. With over 30 years of experience, Dr. Terre McGlothin is a board-certified general surgeon with a specialty in Breast Surgical Oncology, and her practice is focused solely on diseases of the breast. She is committed to making sure her patients get the care that they need.

Dr. McGlothin is an early responder to data and uses the latest technology to deliver comprehensive care to her patients.  Read more…

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